eBook Return Policy

eBook Products: Cancellation & Return Policy

PanGlobal materials will be accepted for return within the following timeframes only:

  • eBook Purchase Customer:       2 Business Days following eBook Purchase
  • eBook Subscription Customer: No Refunds available for eBook Subscriptions

An eBook Return Request must be completed and submitted to initiate a refund.


eBook purchase refunds are only available for full sets of National SOPEEC endorsed products, and will be accepted only if the following condition is met:

  • No Self-Assessments (Chapter, Unit or Textbook) have been attempted

Please note, eBook subscriptions and partial set purchases are not eligible for a return.

Cancellation & Return Fees

A Return Fee is applied to all returns to cover warehousing & credit card charges.

  • eBook purchases will be refunded the purchase price minus 10% of the unit price originally charged.

Returns Process

  1. Complete an eBook Return Request. Include all required information (*). Once completed, select the SEND button to submit.
  2. Once the form is received at PanGlobal, the return fees will be calculated and the eBook Return Request will be assessed to ensure it meets the Return Policy timeframe and conditions.
  3. If the Return Authorization Form is not approved, the customer will be notified via email.
  4. Once PanGlobal has approved the return, PanGlobal will process a refund, minus return fees, within 30 days of approving the return. The customer will be notified and provided with a receipt of the refund via email.