November News from PanGlobal!


Part B of Power Engineering Fourth Class Textbook - Edition 3 is near completion, with a focus on maintaining the quality that our customers experienced with Part A of this set.

To honor the November delivery commitment of Part B Textbooks for our online customers, we have decided to print & ship in two separate parts. Units 1-8 + Unit 12 will be shipped during the last week of November, with the final Units 9, 10 & 11 (Refrigeration & HVAC) to be delivered early in December. Orders will be shipped to the same address used for Part A, so please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. immediately if there are any address updates prior to receiving Part B.

NOTE: eBooks for Edition 3 Part B Units are available for purchase or subscription at The complete eBook Set will be available by late November.

Educator & Bookstore Orders will be shipped when Part B sets are completed in early December 2017.



We occasionally receive calls or emails inquiring about customizing the content found in PanGlobal materials, so we decided to provide online information and an electronic inquiry for potential or existing customers who are considering unique compilations or topic based creations.

Check out the Custom Print button found under Canadian Products or USA/International Products in our bookstore at Click for details, pricing structure and Request Form.


Thank you to our current and new customers for your continued support and patience during the creation and production of the updated and enhanced Power Engineering Fourth Class (Ed 3) Materials. All of us at PanGlobal are truly passionate about the expanded & updated resources, and genuinely hope you are pleased with the final results.