Workbook Answers – Fourth Class Workbook (Ed. 3)

Calculation Answers: Part A

For convenience of all Learners, the Workbook Final Answers of calculation type questions will be available online using the LMS (MyPower) User ID & Password found inside the front cover of Unit 1 from the Fourth Class Textbook (Ed. 3) Part A Set.

Final Answers for the Fourth Class Workbook (Ed. 3) Part B calculation problems will be added in the same fashion to the Part B Textbook LMS once all materials are distributed in mid-December 2017.

Full Workbook Solutions: Part A

Access to Full Workbook Solutions for Part A will be made available ONLY to Instructors in an unprintable Flashbook Format. Part B Solutions will be posted to the same location shortly.

In 2018, Instructor Edition PG Sticks will include Full Workbook Solutions.

Instructor Requests Only

All Instructors in our database will receive an email with the list of Part A Workbook - Final Answers shortly. If you don’t receive an attachment with this information by November 24, 2017, please submit a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If an instructor requires access to the Full Workbook Solution site, please send an email request to the same email address.