Product Updates & Releases

Code Extracts

Prepared for your SOPEEC Exam? Have your up-to-date ASME Code extracts?

PanGlobal has now prepared and made available eBook versions of all ASME extracts. This new category on includes the following four volumes:

  • The 2007 ASME Academic Extract & Extract Supplement
  • The 2018 ASME Academic Extract Volume 1 & 2

Each volume is available individually for a one year subscription at prices far below the paper text.

* Please Note: eBooks are currently not permitted to be brought into any SOPEEC examination. Please confirm with your jurisdiction on the availability of paper additions within the exam room.

Multi-Level Learning Pack

Newly Updated!

Our Multi-Level Learning Pack now includes access to all 4th Class Edition 3, 3rd Class Edition 2.0 and 2nd Class Edition 2.0 eBooks. An excellent self-study package for all higher level candidates, this collection has all the latest standard learning materials you will need for your 2 & 3 year programs at prices that are student friendly. Access a 1, 2 or 3 year subscription for as low as $567/year.

Obtain them for your Program’s needs or your own study; having up to date, mobile learning materials, online resources and critical reference texts may be just the ticket to your success.

ASME Academic Extract Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code

PanGlobal is no longer producing the 2007 ASME Extract and 2007 ASME Extract Supplement. Instead, these code compilations have been updated and reorganized into the 2018 PanGlobal ASME Academic Extract Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Volumes 1 and 2. These SOPEEC-approved volumes can be purchased individually or in a set.

Each book has a distinctive Green or Red cover, tabbed page dividers between the code sections, and footers that indicate what code section is being viewed.

2018 PanGlobal ASME Academic Extract Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Volume 1

This single comprehensive volume contains sections of:

  • ASME BPVC I Power Boilers
  • ASME BPVC IV Heating Boilers
  • ASME BPVC VIII Div.1 Pressure Vessels
  • ASME B31.1 Power Piping

Now, all the code information for the 4th class student can be found in this single volume:

  • Power boiler, heating boiler, and pressure vessel design and construction requirements
  • Steam, feedwater, blowoff, blowdown, and instrument piping requirements

To compile this volume, ASME BPVC VIII-1 was consolidated, ASME B31.1 was moved in from the 2007 ASME Extract Supplement, and ASME II-D was moved to Volume 2.
The ASME BPVC code sections have been updated to their respective 2015 versions. ASME B31.1 has been updated to the 2014 version.

2018 PanGlobal ASME Academic Extract Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Volume 2

Students of Third Class and higher classes of Power Engineering will want this SOPEEC-approved code compilation to support their higher level learning. This volume includes sections of:

  • ASME BPVC IX Welding
  • ASME B31.3 Process Piping
  • ASME BPVC II-D Materials

ASME II-D specifically supports the design calculations covered in Volume 1. Besides being relocated to Volume 2, ASME II-D has been extensively revised, with the following features:

  • The number of materials listed has been greatly reduced
    • Any material not permitted in both ASME BPVC I and BPVC VIII were removed
    • Only tube and pipe materials listed as seamless or welded were retained
    • Table 1B for non-ferrous materials was excluded
  • Table 1A is now only in SI units, to prevent confusion during design calculations
  • Materials are now grouped by specification number
  • Bar product forms have been introduced for design calculations involving stays
  • All materials are numbered sequentially, to help the student identify material properties across pages

ASME BPVC IX and ASME B31.3 have been updated to their 2015 and 2014 versions respectively.

Content Inventory, Review, and Knowledge Audit - Coming January 22!


What Should I Know? How Much Do I Remember?

Do I Really Understand? Am I Ready?

The CIRKA tool assists Individual Learners and Educators in using PanGlobal’s Learning Material Resources to help answer these questions.


Customers tell us they want more choices – whether to clarify understanding of what was discussed in the classroom, to explore concepts introduced while reading a textbook chapter, to refresh the memory for an exam, or for preparation prior to moving to the next level in a career.


PanGlobal Training Systems introduces CIRKA, an automated Knowledge Self-Evaluation that allows the user to personalize and control the length and complexity of a topic based review.

Drawing from updated question banks, aligned with PanGlobal’s 4th Class Edition 3 learning materials, CIRKA will deliver an equal number of questions from each Topic Unit. After completion and submission of the Audit, a numerical overview of submission vs. complete success is provided immediately on both an Overall and Individual Topic Unit basis. Attempts are unlimited during the tool subscription period, and can be repeated multiple times to clarify the results.

CIRKA also provides links to an Introduction, Rationale, and detailed Overview (Outcomes & Objectives) of the information within each Topic Unit. When compared with the results of the Audit, this provides the learner with a comparison of their current understanding and the expectations of mastery. If this assessment points to the need for additional learning, the user may choose to review their current materials or purchase access to additional resources.

Two subscription options are available at under the product category of “CIRKA”:

Option 1: 30 day subscription (unlimited attempts)  \(30

Option 2: 7 day subscription (unlimited attempts)  \)15

Electronic Version of the Academic Supplement

Did you know that we have included an electronic version of the updated Academic Supplement (Ed. 2) with the purchase of all PanGlobal Materials from 5th – 1st Class Textbooks? This version includes an updated periodic table and supports the revised 4th Class Textbook (Ed. 3), in addition to multiple other enhancements. Simply login with the UserID & Password information from your new materials, and you will be able to access the charts, tables and other updated data – all through the LMS!

Need a printed book to take into your certification exam? Purchase a copy from our online bookstore at and we will ship it directly to you!

Pricing Updates and Shipping

Effective January 1, 2018, prices will be increased on select printed materials. 

To ensure deliveries to our customers are received in a secure and timely manner, PanGlobal will implement the following "flat rate shipping fee" to all orders placed online or by phone: 

  • Within Canada  -  15 dollars
  • Within USA  - 25 dollars

Be sure to place any orders prior to December 31, 2017 to take advantage of current prices!

Workbook Answers – Fourth Class Workbook (Ed. 3)

Calculation Answers: Part A

For convenience of all Learners, the Workbook Final Answers of calculation type questions will be available online using the LMS (MyPower) User ID & Password found inside the front cover of Unit 1 from the Fourth Class Textbook (Ed. 3) Part A Set.

Final Answers for the Fourth Class Workbook (Ed. 3) Part B calculation problems will be added in the same fashion to the Part B Textbook LMS once all materials are distributed in mid-December 2017.

Full Workbook Solutions: Part A

Access to Full Workbook Solutions for Part A will be made available ONLY to Instructors in an unprintable Flashbook Format. Part B Solutions will be posted to the same location shortly.

In 2018, Instructor Edition PG Sticks will include Full Workbook Solutions.

Instructor Requests Only

All Instructors in our database will receive an email with the list of Part A Workbook - Final Answers shortly. If you don’t receive an attachment with this information by November 24, 2017, please submit a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If an instructor requires access to the Full Workbook Solution site, please send an email request to the same email address.

Update: Instructor Editions

Update: PG STICKS – Fourth Class Textbook Ed. 3 INSTRUCTOR EDITIONS

All pending Part B Instructor Edition Textbook orders will be sent to customers in December 2017. Although we previously offered a split shipment option, most Educational Institutions are unable to receive individual items that were included as part of a Purchase Order submission. Within these restrictions, we can only ship the full Instructor Edition Fourth Class Textbook (Ed. 3) – Part B materials (all UNITS) at the same time.

2017 Instructor Edition orders of Fourth Class Textbook (Ed. 3) did not previously include a print copy of the Preparatory Math Topics book. As all retail online orders and Purchase Orders (from Educators) have been receiving the complimentary copy of this product, we will also provide the same complimentary copy of Preparatory Math Topics with all shipments of Part B – Fourth Class Textbook (Ed. 3) Instructor Edition orders, as long as the order is received prior to December 31, 2017.

Each December shipment of Instructor Edition materials will include:

  • Part B Textbook – 12 Unit books
  • Complimentary Copy of Preparatory Math Topics
  • PG Stick including Part B eBooks, Knowledge Review Solutions and PowerPoint Presentations

If any affected instructors require access to Part B Textbook Units prior to December, we would be happy to add them to the online Flash Book Site that has been set up temporarily to support programs currently requiring Part B topics. Please submit any requests to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will respond with further details.

PanGlobal remains committed to quality while we manage these final steps of creation, printing and delivery of the Power Engineering Fourth Class (Edition 3) materials.

November News from PanGlobal!


Part B of Power Engineering Fourth Class Textbook - Edition 3 is near completion, with a focus on maintaining the quality that our customers experienced with Part A of this set.

To honor the November delivery commitment of Part B Textbooks for our online customers, we have decided to print & ship in two separate parts. Units 1-8 + Unit 12 will be shipped during the last week of November, with the final Units 9, 10 & 11 (Refrigeration & HVAC) to be delivered early in December. Orders will be shipped to the same address used for Part A, so please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. immediately if there are any address updates prior to receiving Part B.

NOTE: eBooks for Edition 3 Part B Units are available for purchase or subscription at The complete eBook Set will be available by late November.

Educator & Bookstore Orders will be shipped when Part B sets are completed in early December 2017.



We occasionally receive calls or emails inquiring about customizing the content found in PanGlobal materials, so we decided to provide online information and an electronic inquiry for potential or existing customers who are considering unique compilations or topic based creations.

Check out the Custom Print button found under Canadian Products or USA/International Products in our bookstore at Click for details, pricing structure and Request Form.


Thank you to our current and new customers for your continued support and patience during the creation and production of the updated and enhanced Power Engineering Fourth Class (Ed 3) Materials. All of us at PanGlobal are truly passionate about the expanded & updated resources, and genuinely hope you are pleased with the final results.

Shipping Updates and Textbook Incentives


Power Engineering Fourth Class Textbook - Part A is currently in the process of being shipped to customers. This exciting new edition includes 12 unit-level books PLUS a complimentary copy of Preparatory Math Topics. Part B will be available for purchase October 23, 2017 for shipping in early November 2017.

Although the Fourth Class – Edition 3 Textbook Set (Part A & B) is available to order now, there will be two separate deliveries of printed materials. Part A will be shipped once the order is processed, however Part B will be shipped separately to the same address in early November 2017. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if there are any address changes prior to receiving Part B.

All orders submitted for the Power Engineering Fourth Class – Edition 3 textbooks will be shipped in the order received.

Note: Part A eBooks are already available for purchase or subscription at our eBook store ( Part B eBooks are expected to be available in October 2017.


To support our customers heading into the new school year, individuals who place an order for the “Fourth Class – Edition 3” print textbooks will receive free access to Part A eBooks for 15 days while waiting for textbook delivery. This offer applies only to orders placed through our online bookstore from August 28th to September 15th, 2017.

Online purchases are processed on weekdays, so please allow up to one additional business day to receive eBook access details via the same email used for the order.


The new Fourth Class – Edition 3 textbooks have been developed to reinforce a unit-based learning approach. Self-Assessments for learners will now be available in Unit and Comprehensive (Part A and Part B) formats to provide effective support. Additionally, the number of attempts available have been increased from 3 attempts to a total of 5 attempts per self-assessment!

August Updates


Part A is completed and is currently in the printing, binding and packaging process. Although a bit later than we had hoped, this exciting new edition includes 12 unit-level booklets PLUS a complimentary copy of Preparatory Math Topics and will be shipped during the week of August 14 - 18, 2017. Shipments will be processed in the same order they were received.

Note: Part A eBooks are already available for purchase or subscription at our eBook store (



Due to the release of the Power Engineering Fourth Class Textbook - Edition 3, please note that our Subject Matter Experts are currently reviewing the current Online Question Banks for accuracy and alignment, resulting in a slight delay on availability of all resources. Any users affected will receive extended access to allow a full term.



Check out our website at for the College Program Textbook Options link to assist students with recommended products to purchase for each level of education.

Special Features of the Fourth Class Edition 3 Textbooks

Using the New Features of your Textbook

The Fourth Class Edition 3 has a number of new features, added to improve learn-ability and guide you to additional learning resources:

  • The Three-Hole Punched Unit Booklet Format allows students and instructors alike to organize their learning materials by content, according to the program delivery structure. Bring only what’s necessary to the classroom. No more lugging around content that isn’t needed immediately!
  • The Self-Test Boxes provide space to perform hand written calculations, within the context of the textbook examples. Compare the way you solved a problem with the textbook example, and check the numeric answer to see if you’re correct. Understanding a consistent way to solve a problem is just as valuable as getting the right answer.
  • The Notes Pages at the end of each Unit are there for your additional use, including note-taking, making rough sketches or performing calculations. This can be very convenient, especially if you forget to bring a note-pad to class!
  • The Knowledge Exercises are organized by Chapter at the end of each Unit. You’ll find questions on every Learning Objective. The exercises are on perforated tear-out sheets (to help you hand them in), and have room in the margin for hole punches (so you can keep them organized). These convenient classroom assignments provide you an opportunity to get feedback from your instructor. Your instructor will have the answers!
  • The Additional Work Space Pages at the end of each Unit’s Knowledge Exercises provide additional paper if you need more space to show your work. These perforated pages are easy to detach and hand in with your assignment or keep as a custom set of notes.
  • The Pull-out Glossary provides proper technical definitions not typically found in regular dictionaries. In the text, each Unit glossary term is highlighted bold, blue and underlined, so you know to look in the glossary. Do you want to compile your own technical glossary? Tear these sheets out, hole-punch them, and assemble them in your own way. As you proceed through your studies, refer back to these terms regularly to keep your knowledge and understanding fresh. Later as you are working, they will form the technical basis of your conversations on the job.